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Join Nicky’s ‘Zen at Ten’ Facebook Live sessions during Mental Health Awareness Week

Every evening at 10 pm BST  — 13-19 May 2019 — on the My Zendays Facebook Page

Please bear with us as we build the My Zendays website!

This is a work in progress to become the hub to help us all take responsibility to lead our own calm, happy and fulfilled lives.

Mindset & Meditation
for a Happier Life 

We are all responsible for the lives we lead, but in today’s stress filled world we could all do with a little support to help us take on that responsibility.  My Zendays provides everyday help for everyday people looking to live calmer, happier, and more fulfilled lives.

Stress Relieved
Calm Restored

My Zendays is your community to help you lead a calmer, happier and more fulfilled life.  Join in today with other like-minded Zen Friends to learn everyday techniques to relieve stress and restore calm and balance in your life.

Everyday Meditation
for Everyday People 

Meditation is the powerhouse of stress relief and, contrary to what you may think, does not require orange robes and a mountain top temple.  It is a simple technique that we can all learn and practice as part of our everyday lives.

Hello, my name is Nicky

I am the Chief Happiness Officer at My Zendays

Having suffered from serious stress, I know how life situations and events at work can damage our health and happiness.  To get my life back on track, I found I had to take responsibility for my own mental health and take definite steps to  maintain a healthy, positive mindset.

I love to share the everyday tools and techniques, such as meditation, that  I have found to be life-changing so I can help others facing the same challenges.  That is why I created My Zendays, to act as your hub for Mindset & Meditation, but very much in an everyday way that works for everyday people.

I want you to feel at home here at My Zendays, and find your path to living a calmer, happier, and more fulfilled life.