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Our overall approach to data privacy

As an online business. offering and providing information and services through the internet, we inevitably process some of your personal data and / or track how you use our services — we need to do this to deliver the best possible services and experience to you, and it is necessary to manage and promote our business. 

My Zendays takes your data privacy seriously and we respect the trust you place in us in our use of your data and we work hard to protect it, minimising what we process, doing so securely, and maintaining compliance with the relevant data protection legislation.

We will never sell, share, or give-away your personal data to be used by other parties.

The subject of data privacy (and cookies) tends to get quite technical, so before we set out all the technical and legally compliant details, we have first set out our overall intent and approach in plain words and including some relevant and meaningful examples — we hope you find it clear and useful.

Your data and how we use it

Our overall approach is to minimise the amount of your data that we use and hold to that which is needed to deliver, manage, and promote our services to you.

For example, for many of our services, such as our mailing lists and free courses such as THE KICKSTART, we only need an email address to provide those services.  We do also ask for your first name (to help us to be polite when we contact you), but this is not compulsory and it is entirely up to you if you want to provide your name (or indeed what name you want to provide).

We only ask you for further information if and when necessary.  For example, for other services such as one-to-one coaching, we may need to hold and use your telephone number, or, if you wish to receive My Zendays physical items, such as a calandar or physical course workbook, we will need a full name and postal address.  In such circumstances, we would add this information to the records we hold about you.

We also provide a link in the footer of the emails we send allowing you to change the personal information that we hold about you.

To provide our services, we do use technologies and services provided by other parties, which we evaluate and select with their approach to data privacy in mind (along with other considerations).  The main third-party technologies and services we use that will hold and process your personal data are as follows (see the full policy details for the full list of services).

Google G-Suite is our email and principal file storage service.  Your data would be held in G-Suite, if, for example, you contact us using one of the contact forms on our website (eg to provide feedback or ask a question), or if you participate in direct email correspondence with us.

ActiveCampaign holds records of all those who subscribe, sign-up or register for our services, and is used to send information and marketing emails to those people.

Teachable is the service we use to host our online courses and materials (other than those on our own website).  For example, if you decide to purchase a course such as MEDITATION & ME from us, we will pass on your name and email address to Teachable who will arrange an account for you to access the course.  Teachable will also collect your payment for the course.  My Zendays will not have access to your Teachable account.

You can read further and specific details of our Data Privacy Policy here.

Website cookies (and other tracking technology)

Like most commercial websites, our website ( uses cookies and other similar tracking and analytic technology (very small files that are downloaded onto your computer when you visit our website).  These help us to: understand how people find and use our website, improve our services and user experiences, and help to manage and promote our business.

As required by legislation and where applicable our website displays a Cookie Notice to inform you that continued use of the website requires the use of of these technologies.  You will see this notice the first time you use our website, or if you are returning after a while (or using a new or upgraded web browser).

We rely on these technologies to help provide our services and run the My Zendays business and we are grateful to our site visitors for accepting their use.

You can read further and specific details of our Cookie Policy here.

Questions, concerns, or complaints about our use of your personal data

The My Zendays team tries to meet the highest standards when collecting and using personal data.  We therefore take any questions, concerns or complaints we receive about this subject very seriously.

We encourage you to bring any such questions, concerns or complaints to our attention, for example, if you think that our collection or use of information is unfair, misleading, inappropriate, or if your data has been unfairly shared, or lost or held inappropriately, then do contact us.  We also welcome any suggestions that you may have to help improve our approach, policies and procedures.

You can conact our Data Protection Office at

If you are not satisfied with our response you have the right to escalate and/or complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) — The UK’s independent authority set up to uphold information rights in the public interest, promoting openness by public bodies and data privacy for individuals.  You can find further information about the ICO at


Further details

This section of this webpage — Our overall approach to data privacy — was written with brevity and clarity in mind.  It does not provide exhaustive detail of all aspects of our collection and use of personal information.

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