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Whether you are currently stressed, or simply looking for ways to boost your wellbeing and happiness THE KICKSTART can help.

This fantastic, free video training will walk you through some of the major steps I took to turn my life around and go from Stress Head to Zen Head.

Throughout this mini-series, you will benefit from my experience of everyday techniques that have worked for me and which I am confident can work for you too!

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What will I learn?

To  kickstart your journey to Zen, each day I will share my own experience and teach you …

Part 1

How to get started with meditation

  • Why meditation is for everyone (not just monks and hippies)
  • How you can benefit from meditation
  • Simple ways to get you started, including my ‘Connect 3’ guided meditation

Part 2

How to live a happier, more mindful life 

  • What being more mindful means
  • How it provides the antidote to two major sources of chronic stress
  • Simple ways to be more mindful every day


Part 3

Why you should care about self-care

  • Why self-care is not selfish, but just plain sensible
  • How self-care is enabling and empowering for all aspects of your life
  • Why being the best version of you means you can give more to others


Part 4

A simple, everyday technique to create instant calm

I really am so surprised with just how much THE KICKSTART has really changed my thinking and my mental well-being overall.  

The meditation has had a real effect on me.  My focus has shifted away from what I think I am expected to be like and what I thought I was expected to go after at work, to focussing on what I enjoy.

Guess what?  I enjoy my job again for the first time in a couple of years.  On my morning dog walk, I now lift my head and appreciate the beautiful Scottish countryside I am lucky to live in, and when I reach the top of the hill I stop to breathe and appreciate just how lucky I am to have another day to look forward to.

— Louise

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