If you’re looking for ways to calm your mind, boost your happiness, and supercharge your life … then you’ve come to the right place – this THREE-PART free video training is just THE KICKSTART you need!

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What will I learn?


Part 1

Calm Your Mind

  • Why meditation is THE POWERHOUSE of stress relief
  • What neuroscience studies have proven about meditation
  • A short and simple meditation you can start to practise daily

Part 2

Boost Your Happiness

  • What mindfulness IS and IS NOT
  • Why practising mindfulness will boost your happiness
  • How to practise mindfulness throughout your day


Part 3

Supercharge Your Life

  • How you can be more positive
  • Why its important to build yourself up
  • How you can adopt a positive mindset


Rachel recommends the My Zendays KICKSTART

I have just finished THE KICKSTART and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Nicky is so inspirational, her enthusiasm and honesty shines through and makes this practice accessible with easy to follow and memorable techniques. I would highly recommend THE KICKSTART.

Thank you Nicky!

— Rachel

I really am so surprised with just how much THE KICKSTART has really changed my thinking and my mental well-being overall.  

The meditation has had a real effect on me.  My focus has shifted away from what I think I am expected to be like and what I thought I was expected to go after at work, to focussing on what I enjoy.

Guess what?  I enjoy my job again for the first time in a couple of years.  On my morning dog walk, I now lift my head and appreciate the beautiful Scottish countryside I am lucky to live in, and when I reach the top of the hill I stop to breathe and appreciate just how lucky I am to have another day to look forward to.

— Louise


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My Zendays strongly recommends that if you have suffered from, or are suffering with, serious mental health issues, including trauma, you should seek medical advice from your doctor or mental health professional before starting any meditation practice.

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