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“Simply Fabulous”.

— Estelle

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I subscribed to #ZENSEEKERS as a complete novice, not really knowing much about mindfulness or meditation.  I guess, when it came to taking time out for myself, I fell somewhere in between the “Meditation is for hippies” and “’Im far too busy and don’t have time for that, are you MAD!?” schools of thought.

But since receiving my weekly #ZENSEEKERS emails, I’ve learned so much about myself.  Nicky’s tips on everything from your inner voice and self-perception, to breathing techniques to promote calmness (I use these before bed!) have been a real eye-opener for me and have definitely had a positive impact on my life.  Nicky’s advice has made me realise that time for myself is beneficial not just to me, but to everyone around me – and that’s worth my investment.

— Siobhan

MEDITATION & ME Testimonial from Donna

have just completed the My Zendays MEDITATION & ME Course.

Not only was this course fun, it taught me how to be still and comfortable with myself, be less reactive to emotional upheavals, and more knowledgable about meditation.

Nicky is articulate, charismatic and considerate throughout and I can highly recommend MEDITATION & ME to anyone who wants to learn more about meditation.

— Nicki

My Zendays is an amazing resource on so many levels.   You don’t have to be an acolyte of mindfulness or meditation, or at the extreme ends of happiness or sadness, to benefit from Nicky’s practices.

On a personal level, I find the reminders to slow down, take stock and reflect especially important as I have a busy home, work and athlete life.  It’s full on, but can’t be all the time and getting a My Zendays tap on the shoulder to remind me of this at times is always welcome!

— James

My Zendays has quite literally changed my life.  I’ve known Nicky’s family most of my life, but due to her family tragedy, it brought us together.  She inspired me to tell my own story in 2018 when she did her 10 at 10 for mental health awareness week and when My Zendays was born.

Nicky introduced meditation and mindfulness to me which I can honestly say has changed my life. I have followed Nicky and My Zendays closely since the beginning, finding comfort, understanding and knowledge that I needed most. 

I am so proud to call her Nicky a friend and experience the amazing journey that she’s helped me with to battle my issues with mental health.

Thank you Nicky. You changed my life!

— Hannah

I have just finished THE KICKSTART and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Nicky is so inspirational, her enthusiasm and honesty shines through and makes this practice accessible with easy to follow and memorable techniques. I would highly recommend THE KICKSTART.

Thank you Nicky!

— Rachel

Rachel recommends the My Zendays KICKSTART

In a particularly stressful time in life, I used the breathing techniques from Nicky to lower my heart rate, change my focus from things I was worrying about, and be able to relax more or get back to sleep in the middle of the night. 

My Zendays has been really helpful and the daily social media posts give valuable reminders too as to what’s important. 

I’d recommend following My Zendays!

— James

On the outside I’ve always appeared to ‘have it all together’ but in fact I’ve been a stressed-out and frazzled, going 100 miles an hour, working, single mum.  I’m now on a mission to discover and embrace my inner Zen!

I thought I didn’t have time for ‘self-care’ when in reality I needed it more than ever.  I’ve suffered with chronic stress and anxiety for the past few years and I had no clue how to feel better other than distracting myself from how I was feeling by doing more and more.  Trust me, it’s impossible to live like this and live a happy life.  My journey into self-care has only just begun but thank you Nicky for opening my mind and giving me the courage to not feel guilty about filling up my own cup.  I’ve tried meditation, mindfulness and breathing techniques so many times before, but I didn’t think I was doing it properly’ so gave up. 

Nicky your passion to share your message and your fun and sassy personality has literally hooked me into self-care and I’m so very grateful 💖

— Joanne

I absolutely love My Zendays. I find it really inspirational, educational and helps me so much on a day to day basis.  I have suffered from mental health issues in the past and although they no longer affect me as much as they used to, being part of the My Zendays community is a real help and boost to me. 

Couldn’t recommend Nicky and My Zendays enough.

Thank you.

— Paul

Nicky has created a wonderful, insightful and mind opening platform which has really helped me create more space in my life. The way she speaks of relaxation and mindful practice through experience is so relatable and her wealth of knowledge is inspiring!

Thank you Nicky for your pocket of calm on an otherwise chaotic platform – you are amazing  ♥️

— Emma

I met Nicky when we worked together in 2012 and always knew she was a seriously awesome and wonderful human.  I was delighted in discovering that she had set up My Zendays and knew it would be epic. I love following the My Zendays posts, it adds a serious amount of value, much needed in modern life. I have sent all my coaching clients to join the My Zendays Facebook group. 

When we set up The Inspiration North Podcast, we knew we needed Nicky on to share her story!  I’m so excited to follow Nicky’s journey and watch her community go from strength to strength!

— Michelle

I’ve found My Zendays to be an amazing source of advice, tips motivation and calmness.  Nicky has really helped me to develop new and positive daily habits.

— Matt

Nicky and My Zendays have been delightful to follow and get involved with over the last 12 months, truly inspirational and down to earth, with often unspoken topics being openly discussed.

The meditations have helped me immensely to put my life back into perspective and enable me to relax whilst overcoming a particularly traumatic time in my life.

Simply fabulous!

— Estelle

Positivity! Positivity! Positivity!

Nicky’s entire approach to life is so refreshing!  She has a way to just calm you down.

My Zendays is my go to place when my anxiety levels are through the roof, some fantastic topics are discussed and some fab tips to help you de­stress from the hustle and bustle of everyday life — ­ love this!

— James

I began following My Zendays through a friend.  I read positive quotes from My Zendays on his Facebook page and thought, “wow!  I  like these….”

At that particular point in my life… I was struggling… left an abusive relationship and lost my home!! 

I knew I needed to learn to like myself again and try and uplift myself to battle forward.

I began following My Zendays on social media and I found the daily uplifting messages, quotations and positivity extremely inspiring and what I particularly liked was the response to my messages… again POSITIVITY!!!!

If anyone is feeling fragile but wants to move forward I would highly recommend My Zendays and the focus on a positive mindset.  It’s helped me so much and Nicky and her videos are tremendous… please watch and tune in… you will never look back!

— Karen

My Zendays has helped me to think twice in any situation where something or someone has annoyed me.  Now in these situations, I stop and take a deep breath before deciding how I’m going to respond to the situation, which has been really helpful.

— Anthony

I was first introduced to My Zendays by a close friend whilst I was in hospital having been really poorly.  I’d suffered great trauma and suffered low mood as a result. The day I followed My Zendays really changed my life.  It’s organic approach, it’s positivity, it’s focus and whole reason to exist I could purely identify with.

It taught me to nurture myself and to start loving myself which undoubtedly was the reason I got better both physically and emotionally.  I’m such an advocate for mental well-being and mindfulness, and My Zendays has really brought that out of me.  Most importantly it has taught me to be the best version of myself resulting in my children having a much happier and content mummy, and my husband having a more determined and driven wife.

Every relationship I have is so much more meaningful thanks to My Zendays.

I have recommended My Zendays to so many and witnessed the benefits from others too.  It’s the best thing I ever did in following and I can’t recommend My Zendays enough.  I’ll be forever grateful!

— Lisa

I was lucky enough to experience a guided visualisation led by Nicky… .and ‘WOW’ what an experience it was!

Nicky delivered the session with clarity, softness and meaning. She guided us on an adventure to meet our future self. It was thoughtfully composed and ran so fluidly, that it was so easy to be lifted away and really get deep into it.

I found it emotional, peaceful and enlightening and would love to attend another one of Nicky’s meditations and visualisations in the future!

Thank you so much Nicky.

— Kate

I really am so surprised with just how much THE KICKSTART has really changed my thinking and my mental well-being overall.  

The meditation has had a real effect on me.  My focus has shifted away from what I think I am expected to be like and what I thought I was expected to go after at work, to focussing on what I enjoy.

Guess what?  I enjoy my job again for the first time in a couple of years.  On my morning dog walk I now lift my head and appreciate the beautiful Scottish countryside I am lucky to live in, and when I reach the top of the hill I stop to breathe and appreciate just how lucky I am to have another day to look forward to.

— Louise

I follow My Zendays to help with stress and anxiety and as a result, I have been much more relaxed and focussed on the more positive things within my life and I can honestly say my whole life, work and at home is less stressful, more enjoyable and I feel so much more at peace with myself. 

I would recommend anyone struggling with stress, anxiety or depression to follow My Zendays and take some tips on board to change your life forever

— Jen

The modern-day meditator, Nicky Thackray, dispels the myth that you need a mountain and a monastery to meditate.  My Zendays is a refreshing approach to restoring a little calm, clarity and self-love into your life.

Nicky’s guided meditation workshops are not only fun, relaxing but invaluable for anyone, the five-minute breathing exercise can be done anywhere to reduce stress and restore calm.

We all need a little My Zendays in our lives.

— Donna

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