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Thank you so much for stopping by, I am so proud and excited that the My Zendays community here, and on social media, continues to grow by the day.

As someone who has always loved learning, talking and sharing all things wellbeing and self-mastery I can honestly say the My Zendays community means the world to me because I know so many other people who really care about this too.

It’s clear to me that more and more people want information, inspiration and ideas on how to find or create inner calm and happiness, deal with everyday stress, and become activists for their own happiness and take a leading role in creating the life they want.

My aim is to:

  • get more people thinking about how they can find and create more peace and zen in their lives, 
  • introduce simple, everyday meditation practices for everyday people like you and me,  
  • share the things that help me combat stress and overwhelm in this beautiful, but busy (and at times wholly chaotic) life.


On this page, I share more about my personal story, the challenges I have faced, and why I created My Zendays to become a community where you belong and where we can talk about what we can do to create some zen and build peace and happiness in our lives. 

Nicky, Founder and Chief Happiness Officer at My Zendays

The ZEN in My Zendays

Zen /zɛn/


Adjective — Informal — relaxed and not worrying about things you cannot change.

— Cambridge Dictionary

A way of being


A togetherness of body and mind


Not fixed or occupied by thoughts or emotions


Dropping the illusion and seeing things without the distortion created by your own thoughts


Relaxed and not worrying about things that you cannot change


A path to fully awaken your original nature

— Nicky Thackray

My Story

Who am I, and why have I created My Zendays?

Me, Myself, and My Zendays

In this video, I share my story and explain my passion and reasons for creating My Zendays.

It is also available on the My Zendays YouTube channel.

Wife, mum, and mentor on a mission

I’m married to Adam, mum to Hope and Josh, and we live in Tynemouth in the north-east of England with our pooch Betty.

I’m also a woman on a mission to help you live a happier life, by sharing what I’ve learned about the transformative power of mindset and meditation.  Meditation changed my life, and I trained as a teacher because I want to change yours too.


Stress, anxiety, and depression

I’ve had my fair share of stress, anxiety, and depression, at different times in my life and for very different reasons, which have all led me to this point.

The two biggest things that have impacted me are the tragic losses of two of the most important men in my life — my brother Si who was killed from a fall on Mont Blanc in 2013 when he was 30 years old, and my brother-in-law Neil who lost his brave fight against a brain tumour in 2017.

Two men who each played a massive role in my life; two major losses, each in very different circumstances, but equally devastating.  At the time I felt sure that I could never be happy or enjoy life again.

Sink or swim

Anyone who has experienced grief will know it really takes its toll.  It’s overwhelming, it’s exhausting.  And some days are easier to cope with it than others, but every day I ask myself — do I let myself sink?  Or, do I choose to swim?

I choose every day to keep swimming.  I’ve learned so much about life from both their lives and their deaths.  It has brought home to me the importance of us all living our lives the way we know, deep down, we were born to.

Sharing what I have learned

It’s always been a part of my nature to want to create something positive from difficult circumstances in my life.  I think it’s because I don’t want the pain to be for nothing — I want it to pay its own way.  If I can share — through My Zendays — what I’ve learned and make things even just 1% easier for someone else who is going through something similar, then that’s time well spent.

What others say about My Zendays …

…  your passion to share your message and your fun and sassy personality has literally hooked me into self-care and I’m so very grateful 💖

— Joanne

I absolutely love My Zendays. I find it really inspirational, educational and helps me so much on a day to day basis.

— Paul

The way Nicky speaks of relaxation and mindful practice through experience is so relatable and her wealth of knowledge is inspiring!

— Emma

In a particularly stressful time in life, I used the breathing techniques from Nicky to lower my heart rate, change my focus from things I was worrying about, and be able to relax more or get back to sleep in the middle of the night.


— James

… you can read more on the My Zendays Testimonial page and you can contact the My Zendays team to let me know what you think.

My Zendays … Our Mission

My Zendays is on a mission to inspire and educate people on how daily mindset and meditation practices lead to calmer, happier and more fulfilled lives.

The World Health Organisation has declared stress a “World Wide Epidemic”, and there is no doubt that our lives are getting busier and more stressful.  Three-quarters of people in the UK have felt so stressed that they can’t cope.  Stress is officially messing up our sleep, our relationships, our work, and even our sex lives.

We know meditation is part of the solution — it’s the most powerful stress-relieving tool available to us by natural means and there is a vast amount of scientific research showing that it’s the single best thing you can do for your overall health.  Some of the benefits are:

Less stress

Less anxiety

More energy

More productivity

Better sleep

Better sex

And so, through this website, the services provided by My Zendays, and across our social media channels, the aim is to  …

Share the science

The many benefits of meditation are scientifically-proven and available to everyone through a simple daily practice.  

To inspire you, I want to change the perceptions of meditation and provide the intellectual understanding of the practice – what it is, how it works, the benefits, and the science that proves the case – so you can put aside any fears or doubts and trust in the process.

Debunk the myths

There are quite a few myths that need debunking so that we all understand that meditation is a simple, accessible, enjoyable, everyday practice where you can quickly and easily get into the swing of things.

No need for orange robes or mountain top temples, and not a joss-stick in sight!  It is easy to gain the benefits for yourself and get on the way to living a calmer, happier, and more fulfilled life.

Spread the joy

It’s time to learn a really important new skill — how to consciously relax.  Meditation is a basic life-skill that we should be practising every day ourselves, and teaching our children too.

This is for everyone, so start where you are, no matter what your background, religion, gender, or age.  Use the time you have, and experience for yourself that a minute spent in meditation is always a minute well spent.

Relax, you’re in safe hands …

Having discovered the powerful impact of meditation and experienced its incredible effect on my own self-mastery, wellbeing, and happiness, I felt inspired and compelled to share this with others.

To do this most effectively, it was important to me to invest in my learning and train as a meditation teacher so that I could study this subject in-depth to serve you better.

My ego desperately wants to point out that I qualified with a Distinction, but that would be unbecoming of a meditation teacher!

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