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Relevant and instantly actionable, the Monday Morning Mantra is a thirty-second read providing a short, sharp golden nugget of zen designed to zap stress and boost your mindset for the week ahead

Whether you’re starting the work week, or still curled up in bed, the Monday Morning Mantra is for you

If there comes a time this week where you start to feel overwhelmed, take 60 seconds to do this brilliant calming exercise:

Breathe in slowly and deeply.

Open your hands and stretch out your palms and fingers, feel your chest expand.

Breathe out slowly and fully, make a fist, squeeze tightly and make your stomach contract.

On the out-breath say “I can calm myself”.

Repeat 6 times.

People will talk to you all day long about their problems, their drama.
They will gossip about other peoples problems and try to get you involved.

You can listen, you can acknowledge, you can even offer some helpful advice if you want to.

But you DO NOT have to take on other peoples problems as if they were your own.

With quiet self-compassion, simply repeat to yourself:


And crack on with your day.

If the sight of this week’s diary is making you feel queasy, before diving straight into your week, take five minutes and ask yourself these questions:

Are the most important things I want to get done this week scheduled in?

Where can I create 10-15 minutes of breathing space every day?

For each meeting I’m scheduled to attend, must I be there?  Or would an update afterwards suffice?

Where can I schedule preparation and follow up time to keep me super-efficient?


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